• Concept
    • The company Tradi Cave, based in Mailly-la-Ville (Yonne) in the heart of Burgundy - France, specializes in the construction of traditional vaulted wine cellars which are adaptable to your needs and ready to install : La Cavoise.

      Over twenty years, we have built up expertise and complete mastery of this work, so that we are able to design cellars in an authentic style, made to measure and adapted to your specific requirements; either in a new construction or within an existing property.
      For the professionals : viniculture companies, cheese dairies, mushroom farms (fungiculture), restaurants, guestrooms... Amateurs or wine enthusiasts, lovers of originality, invite your guest to share a moment of pure happyness.


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    • Production
    • La Cavoise is a concept patented in France. Furthermore, we concept, deliver and install  this wonderful/amazing… Vault cellar in your own home.  Numerous ‘La Cavoise’ cellars have been installed in France and Europe.

      This installation is quick and easy with components of  1.50m.
      • Length can be adapted to your project.
      • Height interior of 2.20m.
      • Width interior of 3.20m.
      • Choice of entrance door – on the side or at the front.
      • Two days of assembly (without leveling).
      • Delivery period depends on your location.

      The wine celler can be installed by us, by you or by a specialist company (in excavation, foundation laying, damp proofing or earth moving)

      Bellow are the various possibilities for instalation :  





    • Ranges
    • Ranges
      The starting price of the "terroir" model is € 12,520.90 (factory price)
      Plaque personnalisée

      Lavabo d'angle

      Porte bouteille

      Porte en chêne